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Deadite Press

One year after surviving the horrific events that claimed the lives of four of her friends, Leigh Swanson is still struggling to move on. Hoping it will free Leigh from her psychological torment, her therapist suggests she try "exposure therapy" and return to the place where it all occurred--Embry, VT.


Meanwhile, ex-forest ranger Jake Spire is also struggling to accept his past, now living in seclusion and addicted to pain medication. In an effort to exorcise his own demons, Jake also finds himself returning to Embry.


But both Leigh and Jake will come to learn that their shared past has a voracious appetite and has not had its fill of either of them. For sometimes, the only thing worse than fear is:


The Therapy.


Curse of the Pigman cover.jpg

Silver Shamrock Publishing - 2020

Crossroad Press - 2022

Failed baseball player Jason Dillon has just moved to the quiet, Vermont town of East Valley, but unfortunately, his timing couldn't have been worse. Though the entire 20th century only brought eight notable storms to the Green Mountain state, Hurricane Ivana has just arrived with a special delivery—a tree through Jason's roof.


On his desperate trek to find help, Jason comes upon Sophia, a little girl who has been tied up and left in the woods. Despite his best intentions, Jason's attempt to help the child has interrupted the ritual of a neighborhood cult—a ritual that protects the town from an ancient demonic swine.


With all the roads leading out of town impassable, Jason and his few allies must not only escape the pursuing cultists, but somehow survive a curse that has left the majority of East Valley's population with an insatiable hunger.


Cultists, cannibals, and the demon itself must all be defeated if Jason and his friends are going to survive...


The Curse of the Pigman.


Bloodshot Books - 2021

Crystal Lake Publishing - 2023

Once upon a time, Jackson Phillips wasn’t just a cab driver. In another life, he went by another name—Cracker Jack, the best safecracker money could buy. That was before Jack met the love of his life, Eve, and her seven-year-old son, Tommy. Vowing to leave his life of crime in the rearview mirror, Jack swore he would never touch a safe ever again.

Roads paved with good intentions, however, tend to lead only one place. For when Eve is denied health insurance to cover ailing Tommy's medical expenses, Jack knows his cab driver's salary won't be enough to pay the bills.

Enter Damon Gray, Jack's old partner-in-crime, who offers him an opportunity too perfect to refuse: crack into the safe of Richard Kohler, the same insurance magnate who denied Tommy's coverage.

But what Jack, Damon, and the rest don't realize, is that Kohler has something other than money locked in his safe… Something never meant to be released… Something with an insatiable hunger.




Stitched Smile Publications - 2019

Crossroad Press - 2022

Less than nine hours after his supposed lethal injection, inmate Raymond Phillips wakes to find himself once again behind bars. Only this time, he isn’t in his old penitentiary cell. Cage is the only word for this type of enclosure, and this one looks like it was made for the world’s largest parakeet. Stranger still, a metal collar has been locked around his neck—one that reads "Kaiser."


Enter Stefan Hellstrom, a German aristocrat whose absurd wealth allows him to buy anything his little girl, Amelia, desires. And today, he’s surprising her with a new family pet. Of course, like all domesticated animals, it will have to be trained. It will have to be broken. But with the assistance of his loyal butlers, Stefan is confident Kaiser will learn to behave.


At the mercy of his new ruthless master, Ray can feel what’s left of his sanity slipping through his fingers. And he knows his humanity won’t be far behind if he can’t figure out a way to escape. Either way, Ray will learn a lesson he will never forget: The only thing worse than being a prisoner…


…is being a PET.


Full Fathom Five Digital - 2015

Deadite Press - 2023

College senior Leigh Swanson knew her friends’ vacation to Montreal would become a drug-and-booze-filled road trip. Yet despite her best judgement, she gave into her roommate’s pleas and hopped aboard the Canada-bound van. 

It will soon prove to be the biggest mistake of her life. 

On the road, Leigh and her friends meet Sam Tucker, a mysterious hitchhiker who is willing to exchange directions for a ride. Sam takes the gang on a shortcut—a detour through a dark Vermont forest. A deadly detour. 

Among the many horrors that await Leigh and her friends is a fatal fungal disease, a grisly infection that has already claimed a number of victims. There is a cure—but Leigh is about to discover that sometimes, the only thing worse than sickness is: 

The Remedy.






Think Speak Films

Everything changes for a young suburbanite when a mysterious stranger appears at his doorstep and asks him a single, simple question: 'What is your name?'.



"MY NAME IS ART is an outstanding movie. It has a well-written story, remarkable actors, and an intriguing concept. "




"The film focuses on the dark applications of modern technology and future developments, just as the best elements of Black Mirror always do. In short, it’s a pretty great idea."



Hammer & Saw Films

A young man must decide what to do next when his hitchhiking passenger says she's going to kill someone who lives off of exit 7A.



"EXIT 7A isn’t your typical horror short. It uses brevity to its advantage, creating an ambiguous ending that leaves the audience even more scared to open up their car to strangers. Especially the pretty ones."




"...a really good near-homage to the gore-less, character-driven subtle mysteries on which the horror genre is built."



WOWNow Entertainment

Ghastly tales of the supernatural and menacing creatures from another world are only some of the chilling stories that haunt this horror anthology.(featuring EXIT 7A.)



"The concoction looks professional and often impresses"

                                       -TALES OF TERROR HORROR MOVIE REVIEWS


Ruthless Studios

An anthology of horror shorts about death (featuring EXIT 7A.)







"I have to give this film honest praise because I've never seen an anthology like this."

                                                         -CML THEATER MOVIE REVIEW

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